The Cancer Risk Evaluation Program

You are probably familiar with some risk factors for cancer such as family history, age, and reproductive history. You also may have heard about the discovery of certain genes that contribute to cancer risk. But how do these factors add up for you? Are you at increased risk for cancer? Is there a specific gene involved in your personal and/or family history of cancer?

The Cancer Risk Evaluation Program at Pennsylvania Hospital can help answer these and other questions. It is a clinical and research program that can help both men and women with cancer and individuals who may be at increased risk for cancer.

The program will:

  • Help you understand what is known about risk factors for cancer, especially familial and hereditary risk
  • Review your family history, medical history, and lifestyle risk factors
  • Discuss genetic testing and assist you in making a decision about this options when appropriate
  • Provide written summary of your level of risk, as well as outline a plan for continued monitoring for early detection and personal risk reduction
  • Evaluate your eligibility to participate in research studies

This program also provides information for individuals who have been recently diagnosed with cancer, and are interested in learning about the role of genetics in their diagnosis and treatment.

To schedule and appointment with a genetic counselor or for more information, contact Taylor Apostolico (below).

Taylor Apostolico, MS, LCGC

Cancer Risk Evaluation Program/Cancer Genetics


Phone: 215.829.3985