Resources included in this list are:
– Specific to people impacted by cancer (caregivers and patients)
– Freely accessible, no subscription required
– Online and will continue to be online
– Support-focused rather than information-focused

This list is not perfect or all-encompassing. Please Contact Us with additions and corrections.

4th Angel or receive mentoring support for patients and caregivers
AnCan Blood Cancers Support Group support group for people impacted by hematologic (blood) cancers
AnCan Cancer Caregivers Group support group for caregivers who care for people living with stage 3 or 4 cancer of any type
AnCan Male Breast Cancer Coalition for men with breast cancer.
AnCan Men ‘Speaking Freely’ Group support call for men with cancer, any cancer. Only for men. No raised eyebrows, no judgment, no guilt.
AnCan Ovarian Cancer Group group of women with ovarian cancer who come together as peers to share experience and understanding
AnCan Prostate Cancer Support free groups separated into patient experience (e.g. under 60, recurrent) for men diagnosed with prostate cancer
AnCan Sarcoidosis Support Group group for people impacted by sarcoidosis by diagnosis or as a caregiver
Belong.LifeAppSmartphone social network app for managing and navigating cancer treatment
Cancer Care Connection providing for immediate needs, making decisions, and finding ways to cope
Cancer Hope Network support volunteering
Cancer Support Community support through the phone. Click web link for live chat.
Cancer Survivors Network (American Cancer Society) Support for patients and caregivers
CancerCare Counseling counseling over phone
CancerCare Support Groups support groups online and over the phone
Carcinoid Cancer Foundation group for people impacted by carcinoid cancer
Colorectal Cancer Alliance Patient & Family Support chats for patients and family impacted by colorectal cancer
Connect Education Workshops experts in oncology provide up-to-date information in one-hour workshops
ThyCa Email Support Groups cancer email support groups, many specific topics
Imerman Angels support through one-on-one “Mentor Angels”
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Online Chat different support groups with moderators
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Community community for blood cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers
Livestrong Personalized Cancer Support Navigation provides support over phone in English and Spanish
Living Beyond Breast Cancer Helpline from a trained volunteer diagnosed with breast cancer for emotional support, guidance, and hope
Lung Cancer Support Groups online and telephone offerings for patients and caregivers impacted by lung cancer
My Lifeline (Cancer Support Communities) a website for family and friends, join discussion boards, find information, control privacy
National Brain Tumor Society Support Conversations support group for patients and loved ones impacted by brain cancer
Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance Support Group community offering support and resources
Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance Woman to Woman support offered by trained survivor volunteers diagnosed with gynecologic cancer
Patti Robinson Kaufmann First Connection Program mentoring for people impacted by blood cancer
SHARE Helpline to lend support, give information, share experiences, and lift you up, for friends, family, caregivers, and diagnosed people
SHARE Online Educational Programs programs for patients, past topics: Cardio-Oncology, DCIS, Genetics in African Americans ‘Ask a NP’
SHARE Online Support Communities support communities for breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer, and ovarian cancer
SHARE Peer Support questions and get answers (or a listening ear!) from peers (caregivers, breast cancer patients, or ovarian cancer patients)
SHARE Services in Spanish de línea de ayuda ofrecidos en español para pacientes y cuidadores
Sharsheret Peer Support with another woman who shares your experience
SPOHNC National Survivor Volunteer NetworkEmail: info@spohnc.orgSurvivors of oral head and neck cancer are matched with others for support
Springboard Beyond Cancer (American Cancer Society) goal setting and symptom management through action decks and motivation
ThyCa Person to Person Network volunteers
ThyCa Cancer Connect cancer support group and discussion community
Us Too – A Forum for Gay Men and their Partners forum and support group for gay men and their partners impacted by prostate cancer
Us Too – A Forum for Her forum and support group for women supporting men affected by prostate cancer
Us Too Helpline“Someone to talk to … who understands.” For people impacted by prostate cancer.
Us Too Inspire support groups for people impacted by prostate cancer
Virtual Hope BoxAppSmartphone application for coping, relaxation, distraction, and positive thinking
Young Survival Coalition Discussion Boards forums offering support and community
Young Survival Coalition Survivorlink Peer Mentoringemail: resourcelink@youngsurvival.orgMatched peer mentoring between women with young onset breast cancer
Young Survival Coalition Virtual Hangouts hangouts for people impacted by young onset breast cancer

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