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Nutrition contributes to our physical and mental health. Age, health, medications, and the environment all can impact our nutritional balance.  Understanding the importance of nutrition is a life-long experience!

Good nutrition is especially important if you have cancer because both the illness and its treatment can affect your appetite. Cancer and cancer treatments can also affect your body’s ability to tolerate certain foods and use nutrients. The nutritionists at our center work with patients and their loved ones to understand your unique nutrition needs and to cope with treatment side effects that may affect how well you can eat.

Throughout the year, a variety of nutrition programs are offered for our patients and caregivers.

Check for upcoming nutrition blog postings:

  • Seasonal recipes which include cancer fighting ingredients in addition to resources that we utilize and in turn are passing on to you!
  • updates on upcoming nutrition programs
  • strategies to combat side effects of cancer treatment
  • tips on safe food handling appropriate for everyone and especially important when you are going through chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy
  • discussions on cancer nutrition specific issues in the news
  • And much more!!!

We are available in the infusion suite. Or if needed you can call us.

We offer a variety of nutrition related programs that we hope you will find enlightening and supportive.

Debra DeMille, MS, RD, LDN, CSO

Oncology Nutrition Services


Phone: 215.829.6560

Email: Debra.DeMille@pennmedicine.upenn.edu

I have been a nutrition counselor at the Joan Karnell Cancer Center for 18 years however, I’ve been in the field for over 25 years.  I hear from many of my patients that the internet is such a confusing place when it comes to finding accurate nutrition information for cancer survivors.  I hope to take the science of nutrition and utilize my art in making sense regarding your everyday way of eating.  Eating healthy can be adventurous, exciting and delicious!”

Abby Wetzel, MS, RD, LDN

Oncology Nutrition Services


Phone: 215.829.6737

Email: Abby.Wetzel@uphs.upenn.edu

I recently joined Debra as a nutrition counselor at the Joan Karnell Supportive Care Program in November 2016. I have been in the field for 6 years with a majority of that time concentrating in oncology nutrition. One of the most important nutrition concepts I tell people is to listen to your body, and eat more whole foods in their natural form. Along with Debra, I am here to provide  accurate nutrition information for you and your family and to optimize your nutrition during treatment and beyond.”