Meditation & Mindfulness

tz_23_beachmorningMindfulness meditation is the practice of being in the present moment.  We have found that cancer patients as well as their loved ones can experience moments of feeling overwhelmed, of fear, and of discouragement.  There are times of internal racing, of difficulty sleeping, of projecting into an unknown future which can be exhausting!

Our experience in teaching mindfulness meditation is that it helps us to slow down, to breathe, to deal with just what is present in the moment.  Listed below are several resources that you may wish to explore.

Links and Resources:

  • Programs at the Center for Mindfulness (CFM) at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center:
  • Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Tools for Living held throughout Philadelphia. Contact Tali Ben-Josef for referral or questions:  Phone 248-515-4966
  • Private mindfulness training held throughout the Philadelphia region. Contact Diane Reibel, PhD, Director of the Mindfulness Institute of Jefferson, for referral or questions:  Phone 215-955-1376 ;
  • Tools for Mindfulness: A Six Week Course on Meditation and Mindful Living.     Contact Michelle Stortz for more information and to register.  215-242-1366.        Tools for Mindfulness