Chaplain/Spiritual Care

Our chaplain is available for spiritual direction and support, both in the inpatient and outpatient settings.  While not everyone follows a religion, almost all oncology patients find themselves thinking about their lives differently during cancer treatment.  Sometimes we reflect on how we are spending our life energy and examine our choices.  We may question the meaning of our illness and how this impacts our lives. Living with cancer can start a process of looking inward for a stronger connection to what is most meaningful and sacred to us.

Our chaplain is a resource for these kinds of discussions, for support, and personal care.  The chaplain is an integral part of the cancer care team and an active participant in the Palliative Care Team which focuses on relief of physical, emotional, social, or spiritual suffering.

For more information about Spiritual Counseling/Chaplaincy, please contact Brian Dunlop.

Brian Dunlop, MDiv


Spiritual Care/Chaplain


Phone: 215-829-7210