Surviving & Thriving During Challenging Times

Maximize Your Wellness

There are many proven strategies for reducing your stress and anxiety. Explore a range of wellness practices and find some that are right for you.

Become Inspired

Sometimes, a simple quote or saying can create a helpful shift in perspective. Visit our collection of inspiration, affirmation, and wisdom.

Build a Wellness Team

Why go it alone? A great strategy for taking care of yourself is to mindfully create your own wellness team.

No single health-care provider can address all your healthcare needs, so it can be very helpful to sit down and purposefully map out your team. Who are going to be your partners in creating health and wellness?

Optimize Your Nutrition

Good nutrition is a must! Especially now. Review a list of books and websites that are helpful for creating a better nutritional foundation.

Express It In Writing

Writing is a way many have found helpful as we strive to keep ourselves balanced. Throughout  our lives, we find ourselves dealing with things we NEVER WANTED to have to deal with. It is a challenge to move forward. We can participate in living (even with complicated realities and questions) by finding ways to cope and be balanced.

Journal Writing is one of the tools that is very effective in balancing and managing our emotions and internal lives. Explore the options below.