Mental and Emotional Health Services Available – Welcome Psychology Interns!

In addition to our Oncology Social Workers, Oncology Nurse Navigators, and directory of Online Support Resources, we are proud and excited to continue our psycho-oncology (a.k.a. therapy for people impacted by cancer) program! This program has been operating for several years at the Abramson Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital and is now adapted to provide care during social distancing.

We would like to introduce several new psychology interns at the graduate or post-doctoral level:

Sarah Anolik  (starts October 2020)  215-829-7346

Allegra Borghese  215-829-7343

Jenna Gilmore  215-829-7328

Darryl Sweeper 2 15-829-7341

Nica Poirier (Not pictured)  215-829-7326

Dr. Daniel Judes and Keri Smotrich will continue with our center as familiar faces providing excellent psycho-oncology care for patients and families.

Have you connected with our psycho-oncology services yet? All patients and caregivers are each individually eligible for up to 8 free sessions to decide if therapy is right for them. After 8 sessions, your therapist would assist you to find the right path forward for continued mental and emotional wellbeing.

If you want to learn more about our psycho-oncology services or would like to begin the process of psychotherapy, contact our Psychological Services Coordinator, Samantha Null, MSS, LCSW.


Contact number: 215-829-6379


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