Mindful Monday: What is mindfulness

We begin each week with a mindfulness thought, focus, meditation….something to help us we each begin the week. Every one reading, who is part of this online community, is in some way impacted by cancer. The stress of that influences how we cope. Each of us is also living in a time when our larger community is struggling with the rapidly changing stresses of the COVID 19 pandemic. It is a lot to deal with.

We begin each week with Mindful Monday because we have found that Mindfulness practices can be very helpful in managing our stresses, so here is a quick review of Mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

  • It’s deepening awareness
  • Paying attention…..with curiosity
  • Being more compassionate
  • Being – not doing
  • Being Present….without judgment
  • Letting Go

How do I do this?

Take time during the day to focus on:

  • Body – Check in with your body, pay attention to where stress is residing, how your body is feeling, what is your body holding.
  • Breath – breathe deeply and fully, releasing tension, Breathe in and out slowly in a rhythmical pattern.
  • Now – relax into the present moment

When do I use mindfulness?

Mindfulness is most helpful when we intentionally practice it every day…and then also use it as needed. The reason it is helpful to have daily mediation sessions is that our bodies and mind learn how to respond to reduce stress. It enhances well being.

Given all the above, we decided today to give you two prescriptions! After all, this is a medical center….so here are your prescriptions. Give them your attentiveness and follow as directed, by you!

Prescription: Meditation Session – Take twice a day (Select your times and location)

  • Every day 10-30 mins.
  • Once or twice a day
  • Sit on floor-chair-recliner-be comfortable
  • Follow guided meditation recording
  • Make it a routine – like brushing teeth
  • Start and end your day

Prescription: Mindfulness Pause – Take as Needed (Anytime-anywhere- when tense, distracted, upset : Dr’s waiting rooms, traffic jams, office etc.)

  • Take 3 deep releasing breaths
  • Check in with your body – relax – let go of tension
  • Check in with your feelings- sad? angry? afraid? anxious?
  • Check in with your thinking – what’s on your mind?
  • Breathe deeply –release- let go
  • Staying present right here- right now with kindness, acceptance and ease

If you would like to learn more about mindfulness meditation, contact someone on the Supportive Care Team and we will connect you with mindfulness resources.

Now take on your day. Take on this week. Take on your life. You and we are worth the energy and time to care for our precious selves.

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