Mindful Monday: Appreciating Self

Journaling reflection on What do I appreciate about myself?

Recently I came across a wonderful online site called, Mindful Momentum by Laurisa Dill, M.Ed. I find it to be a very helpful site, and used it as a springboard for the post below. Enjoy, and take on this Monday!

When we live with cancer, our world just changes. So many times when I’ve visited with our patients and family members, I hear frustrations with these changes. Along with frustrations about the changes are frustrations with self! I hear things like, “What is wrong with me? My house is a mess and that is so not like me!” or “What is wrong with me? I don’t seem to care a bit about people who are really important to me. ” or “I’m just tired all the time. I am so angry with people. What is wrong with me?”

Ahhhh….compassion is needed for self, dear folks! You continue to be yourself even in the midst of an incredibly difficult time.

So, show yourself the same type of compassion that you would share with a dear friend, family member, or partner. Think of a time when a friend or loved one may have needed compassion, and you gave it. You gave it because they needed it…and you cared about them. We give care and are able to feel compassion not because the loved one is “always justified” but because we appreciate and understand what makes them, uniquely them. We have compassion in challenging times for our friends because we so deeply care for them, and what they may have been going through.

During this time in your own life, practice appreciating yourself this same way; appreciate your own deeply held values and intentions.

So, think for a moment. What DO you appreciate about yourself?

Take a few minutes to be quiet. Breathing slowly, exhaling slowly, in a rhythmical way. In and out. In and out. In and out.

Allow yourself to reflect on what you appreciate about yourself. What are the qualities or characteristics that have become more important to you over time? Remember, this is a time to reflect, not to judge.

Now, take pen and paper to write a note to yourself of appreciation for you are. How do you see your qualities and characteristics helping you in your life situation now?

  • Write your note of appreciation for yourself…..
  • …. and in your note, include encouragement and appreciation for you.

Tuck your note in your journal, or put it someplace near by to re-read during those moments you need to offer compassion to you!

Take on your day! We hold gratitude for your life.

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