Spring 2020 Support Groups: Who Cares?!

The question is not whether the Abramson Cancer Center offers support groups, because we have offered different groups each season for many years as part of our supportive care services.

The question is, why does it matter to YOU?

Whether you are a “support group type person” or not, whether you have previously attended a group here or elsewhere or not, now is the time to reap many of the benefits of support groups!

Like what? Well, Australian researchers studied 9 cancer-specific support groups and asked the members what they got out of participating. Here are the main benefits that support group members found:

  • Strong sense of community
  • Non-judgmental acceptance
  • Safety to speak one’s mind
  • Sharing information about the cancer journey
  • Normalized, de-shamed cancer experience
  • Feelings of empowerment

This Spring we are offering a virtual support group for people diagnosed with cancer and a face-to-face support group for caregivers.

We hope to see you there!

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