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Supporting and empowering people impacted by cancer.

When cancer patients receive their diagnosis, they begin a journey that profoundly impacts nearly every area of their lives. This is an unwanted journey for which most have little preparation, and more questions than answers. There are feelings, learning curves, and needs that can, at times, be overwhelming.

The Joan Karnell Supportive Care Program at the Abramson Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital strives to offer support on a variety of levels for patients and their families. We are honored to be called upon to advocate for and encourage patients and families as they navigate the arduous cancer experience. Support groups are one manner in which we provide a safe space for people to share feelings, challenges, encouragement, improve coping skills, and offer opportunities to learn from one another. While support groups are very helpful, there are a number of barriers to attendance including health status, time constraints, work, and transportation.

Introduced in April 2017, Caring Connection is an online community created for persons living with cancer, their caregivers, and their family members. While readers are encouraged to actively participate in the support groups, events, and activities which are offered at Abramson Cancer Center, we realize there may be times when this is not possible.  This site is designed as an online community to offer additional avenues of support, encouragement, information, and interaction. The heart of Caring Connection is the weekly blog posts that cover a range of topics. A calendar of events featuring both ACC and local, non-Penn events is listed, as well as information about our multidisciplinary supportive care team members.

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